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CocSambalpur is a leading local information blog which provides you truthful and best information about top amazing wonders in Sambalpur. This blog contains the best research work like local news, unique things, street food, festivals, Handloom work, educational institution, Dance , Culture etc.

खड़े हो जाओ , और सारी जिम्मेदारी अपने कंधो पर ले लो . अपने को कमज़ोर समझना बंद कर दो |

Why This Blog?

There is no other website/blog which based on Sambalpur, so I myself and my team decided to create a blog which focuses on Sambalpur or Western Odisha.  Science and technology bring us a new world where we live a happy life, he accepts the western tradition but we forget our own lifestyles. The Internet is a leading global component or we can say Network which connects us from different sources in the world.We found out that there are people who try to protect the old customs, tradition,architect of Sambalpur subsequently I found out some people search on Google about Sambalpuri Dance, Street Food, Best places to visit, best shopping mall, cinema hall in Sambalpur etc. Now the time has come to create a blog and write something about Sambalpur.

 Story Behind This  Blog

Hello, friends, I am Susil Bhue Founder of CocSambalpur . First of all, i thankful to Maa Samleswari bless me to create this blog. When I have completed my graduation in Gangadhar Meher University (2013-16) I just wanted pursuit higher a degree in the field of art & Culture. The thing is very much confusing because I wanted to write something about my own Country, my own culture, tradition, day to day life, amazing things which I am experienced. I used to write lots of  essay about noble things like Mahanadi River, Barapahad Hill etc. One day come when I though ''Why am not writing about my amazing  wonders of my region ?'' Subsequently I started a blog where I shared my research work as well as my dedication towards my country. I started traveling around the Sambalpur by Bicycle and try to collect information from different sources. I would say dedication and curiosity bring new as well as success in life.

Sources :

We collect information from different online as well as offline sources. We collect information from Public Library Sambalpur, Reports(Social Organizations ), old unique architect, Nobel Person(Old persons, Presidents of Different Committees of Sambalpur, Borrowed from old stories about Sambalpur, Business persons etc), writing from different old visiting places, old newspaper etc. We read We collect, We provide you the best truthful information about the top amazing wonders in Sambalpur.

Our Goal:

CocSambalpur is one of the leading blogs in Sambalpur, our aim is to provide top amazing wonder of Sambalpur through writing. Also, we make the video on different topics and uploaded on YouTube. Our aim is to maintain the flexibility of our videos and we try to make people understand through videos. Although people seem to know what is the blog about ? after creating this blog we try to make people engage in our blog. We will do a bit of fun or amusement in our blog through writing as well videos. Our aim is to set up an office for our blog and engage technical people, research-based people in our office. We are very much serious about our work so we not hire people we try to find people those who interested in our work.   Thus we will make a brand in this way and let people would know that there is a blog who writing about our own country.

Our Team (Coc Sambalpur team)

This blog consists of a group of young people who have given their valuable time for this blog. We have author, editor, cameraman and admin for this blog. Also, we invite the guest author to write here.

Mr.Susil Bhue (Admin/Author)
Mob-8260615785 Email-Susilbhue08@gmail.com

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Mr.Manas Ranjan Bhue (Camera Man/Research work)
Mob-7377781785 Email-Manasranjanbhuejust4you@gmail.com

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