What Is Sambalpuri Danda Nrutya ? (Get Contact Number)

Odisha Danda Nritya-Looking for Sambalpuri Danda Nrutya then you are in the right place. Here I will be talking about Sambalpuri Don Naat or Sambalpuri Danda Nritya. Odisha danda Nritya is a people based activity where people sing different devotional songs and dance at the same time. Danda Nritya of Odisha is an old musical activity that prevails since hundred years ago. It's like Sambalpuri dance or Odissi dance. Odisha has its own unique festivals and culture, it includes different folk songs and dance form. Danda Nritya is a people based musical performance where both man and woman play a different role and recite different folk songs. Although Sambalpuri Tukel danda mp3 is mostly searching on google. Umakant Barik Orchestra Party Contact Number

Top 10 Rated Sambalpuri Danda Nrutya Party

Danda Nrutya is also a form of folk dance in Odisha. Now you won't find any people performing Danda naach but still, there are people from local villages who perform this type of performance. Today I will give you a list name where you can find best Danda Nrutya player from different parts of Odisha.

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Odia-Sambalpuri Danda Nrutya Party Contact Number

Here is the list of Odia Danda Nrutya Party contact number. In this post, I will show you 46+ best Danda Nrutya party contact number.

  1. Maa Basanti Mahila Danda Nrutya Salebhata(Khaliapali) Bolangir
  2. 9937912273 Trinath kandher (Fee- 5000 to 25000)
  3. Puspanjali Danda Nrutya Salebhat (Makardwajha Barik)
  4. 9938513755
  5. Jasna Mayee Danda Nrutya (MeheJar Jual Naik)
  6. 9938979446
  7. Phul Gajara Danda Nrutya Salebhata ,Bolangir
  8. 9078981995
  9. Bipin Jal Danda Nrutya Party Contact Number
  10. 99
  11. Maa Manikeswari Danda Nrutya
  12. 99
  13. Khusboo Mahila Danda Nrutya Dunguri Pali
  14. 7894779252
  15. Maa Saktimayee Mahila Danda Nrutya Kubedera
  16. 9556574157
  17. Maa Banjaren Danda Nrutya Chindaguda,Khaira
  18. 7894014538
  19. Maa Manikeswari Danda Nrutya Sonepur
  20. 99
  21. Maa Giteswari Mahila Danda Nrutya Deogaon,Chanderpur
  22. 99
  23. Mahila Danda Nrutya Dumerbahal
  24. 99
  25. Maa SaktiMayee Mahila Danda Nrutya
  26. 9938222859
  27. Maa Maheswari Danda Nrutya Sindhol
  28. 7326879110
  29. Purnapani Danda Tarbha
  30. 9668757099
  31. Maa Binapani Danda Nrutya Madhipur
  32. 9106497476
  33. Joragodia Danda Nrutya Nabik
  34. 9937212567
  35. Samleswari Danda Nrutya
  36. 6370133293
  37. Jay Maa Durga Danda Party Barpali
  38. 7750933596
  39. Baital Bhat Mahila Danda Nrutya
  40. 9178097110
  41. Sirigida Danda Nrutya
  42. 9938133884
  43. Maa Sibani Danda Nrutya Putisbahal
  44. 6370230345
  45. Chakarkend Matilda Danda Nrutya
  46. 8018634872

What Is Sambalpuri Danda Nrutya? (Get Contact Number)

If you have any question or suggestion then feel free to comment. Please suggest us which Danda Party is good?
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