Top 10+ Best Ladies Chamber in Sambalpur Between 500 to 7000

Ladies Hostel In Sambalpur-  Hey Girls are you looking for Best Ladies Chamber in Sambalpur under 5000 then you are in the right place. This post only for those people who do not have enough money to spend on an apartment or big ladies hostels Sambalpur. I will help you to find you cheap and affordable ladies chamber in Sambalpur. Todays find a cheap and affordable ladies hostel is a big deal special when you are studying in some colleges like Gangadhar Meher University or Women's College. It's very difficult to find a cheap chamber for you, where all sorts of facilities are available.

Ladies Chamber in Sambalpur- Ladies Hostel Sambalpur

Those who have not registered their name in their respective colleges and not getting hostel seats or not having the good financial support of their parents then this blog post is for you. Most of the students coming from villages or small towns and they try to maintain themselves with a little budget for them it's very difficult to spend a huge money on hostel so they have to decide not to stay in the campus thereafter they decided for the chamber which is cheap in Sambalpur.Ladies Chamber in Sambalpur Make sure when you choose a chamber you need to ask your landlords about rent, food, water or other facilities. 

Best Ladies Chamber in Sambalpur Between 500 to 7000
Ladies Hostel In Sambalpur

 Best Ladies Chamber in Sambalpur Between 500 to 7000

Most of the students want to live near Fatak Sambalpur not because the colleges are nearer to their chamber but all the facilities like shopping, food, laundry, beauty parlor are available at a cheap price. 

Are you Looking for  Girls Chamber near Fatak Railways Station? 

Top 10 List of Cheap Ladies Chamber in Sambalpur

  1. Deepa Girls Chamber
  2. Ayusman Bhawan Ladies Chamber 
  3. Barai Girls Chamber
  4. Heema Chamber of Girls
  5. Ladies Chamber Fatak
  6. Sai Ladies Chamber
  7. Shreeya Chamber of Ladies
  8. Swain Girls Chamber
  9. Girls Chamber Malipara
  10. Girls Chamber Deheripali

1-Deepa Girls Chamber 

Deepa Girls chamber is one of the popular chambers among girls in Sambalpur. Are you interested in a stay in this chamber then read this post carefully?

  • Bed Facilities (1 Room 3 Bads)
  • Water Facilities (24x7)
  • Wifi Facilities
  • Canteen + Home Cook + Self Cook
  • Well furnished room
  • Security (24x7)
  • Strict Rules (Maintain Time Table)
  • No Guest Allowed
  • Tv room/ Common room
  • Telephone Service  available 
Rating:- 8/10

Get Address and Price Detail and Phone Number- Click Here 

2- Ayusman Bhawan Girls Chamber

This Chamber more kind of Home design. If you are looking for home atmosphere then this chamber is for you. The landlord of this chamber puts emphasis upon the security of the girls and also other facilities. 

  • Bed Facilities (1 Room 2 to 3 Bed)
  • Water (24x7) With 2 1000 lits. water tank
  • Electricity facilities (24x7)
  • Security (24x24)
  • Food (Canteen or Self- Cooking Allowed)
  • Bathroom/Toilet (Well furnished )
  • No Wifi
  • No guest allow
  • Strict rules ( Moring 5 to evening 8) 
Rating:- 7/10

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3-Barai Girls Chamber

Barai Girls chamber is one of the cheap chambers in Sambalpur. If you running out of money and struggle to stay in the chamber with low price then this chamber is for you. 

  •  Bed Facilities ( 1 Room 4 to 5 Bed)
  • Water Facilities (PHD Water)
  • Electricity Facilities
  • Security 
  • Food (Self Cook)
  • Bathroom/ Latin Facilities
  • No Wifi
  • No Guest Allow
  • No Strict Rules 
  • No common room 
  • No Sports Facilities
Rating:- 6/10

Get Details- Phone Number/Address/ Price details- Click Here

4- Hema Chamber of Girls

Are you belongs to a middle-class family? looking for decent price to stay in this chamber then you are in the right place. Hema Chamber of Girls is for everyone but over the year we have seen, those who belong to the middle-class family they had been enroled themselves in this hostel. 

  • Bed Facilities (1 Room 2 to 3 Bed)
  • Good Water Facilities (Depend on PHD Water)
  • Well furnished Bathroom and Toilet
  • 24x7 Electric Facilities
  • No Guest Allow
  • Canteen Facilities Also Self Cook
  • No Strict rules
  • No Wifi
  • No telephone service
  • Good Security system 
Rating: 6/10

Get Details- Price/Address/Phone Number- Click Here

5-Ladies Chamber Fatak

Are you a person who loves to shop or like to eat different food then this is for you. Everyone wants comfort and facilities. Ladies chamber Fatak will provide you with all the facilities, that means this chamber is nearer to all the shopping mall and food corner in Fatak. 

  • Bed Facilities (1 Room 3 Bed)
  • Water Facilities (24x7)
  • Food (Canteen and Self Cook)
  • Bathroom/ Toilet (Well furnished)
  • Electricity (As per Sambalpur Electricity department)
  • No Guest
  • No strict rules
  • No Wifi
  • No TV Room
  • Near Shopping mall, hotels, beauty parlor
Rating: 8.50/10

Get Details: Phone Number/Address/Price- Click Here

6-Sai Ladies Chamber Sambalpur

Sai Ladies Chamber has its own uniqueness and rules. This chamber is not so cheap so you can book. Students those who want to study or want silent then this chamber for you. 

  • Bed Facilities (1 Room 2 Bed)
  • Water Facilities (24x7) PHD Waters having 1000 Ltrs Tank
  • Food (Canteen or self-cook)
  • Electricity (24x7)
  • Strict Rules
  • No Guest
  • Well Furnished Bathroom and Toilet
  • Advance Payment
  • No Wifi
  • No Tv Room
Rating: 8/10

Get Details:- Phone Number/Price/Address-Click Here

7- Shreeya Chamber of Ladies 

It provides you the best experience especially if you are students. This chamber has all the facilities that a girls student want. The price is decent. 

  • Bed Facilities(1 Room 4 Bed)
  • Water Facilities (24x7)
  • Electricity Facilities (As per Sambalpur Division)
  • Well Furnished Bathroom and Toilet
  • Canteen and Self Cook
  • No Rules
  • No guest
  • No tv room
  • No Wifi
  • Advance payment

See Details: Phone Number/Address/ Price- Click Here

8-Swain Girls Chamber Sambalpur

Are you really want to stay in a cheap chamber or hostel then Swain Girls Chamber is good for you. This girls chamber give you lots of facilities at a cheap price. Let's get in.

  • Bed Facilities
  • Water Facilities with tank 
  • Electricity Facilities No Ac
  • Well Furnished Bathroom and Toilet
  • No Canteen- Only Self Cook
  • Rules
  • No Wifi
  • 2 Months Advancement Payment
  • No Tv room
  • Near all necessary shop
See Details: Price/Phone Number/Address-Click Here

9- Girls Chamber Malipara

Are you a punctual person? Are you wants to stay in the chamber which is nearer to your college? Girls Chamber Malipara gives you all the comforts. Its not that cheap but it is ok for everyone.

  •  Bed System 
  • Water Facilities with 1000lts Tank
  • Electricity facilities
  • Well Bathroom and Toilet
  • No canteen
  • Strict Rules
  • No Wifi
  • 1 Month Advancement Payment
  • No guest allowed
  • No Tv or Common Room
See Details: Phone Number/Price/Address- Click Here

10- Girls Chamber Deheripali

Are you a shopping lover? Looking for Good Street food? Girls chamber will help you to get all those things. This chamber is famous for its strength and rules.

  • Bed Facilities (1=3)
  • Water 24x7
  • Electricity (As per Sambalpur)
  • Well Bathroom and Toilet
  • Play Ground
  • Canteen and Self-cooking
  • 1 Month Advancement Payment
  • No Wifi
  • No guest Allowed
  • Tv room available
  • No strict rules
See Details: Phone Number/Price/Address- Click Here

Comming Soon-Best Girls Hostel in Sambalpur

 Top 10+ Best Ladies Chamber in Sambalpur Between 500 to 7000

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