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Nuakhai 2018- Are you looking for Nuakhai Images, Status, Wiki, Food, Dress, History then you are in the right place. I will provide you with all the details about Nuakhai Festivals. So read this blog carefully. Nuakhai is a farmer-based festival or you can say festivals of the farmer. It is celebrated in all over India especially those who belong to Western Odisha.

What is Nuakhai (ନୂଆଁଖାଇ)?

Nuakhai (ନୂଆଁଖାଇ) is a farmer festival mainly observed in Western Odisha. 

What is the meaning of Nuakhai (ନୂଆଁଖାଇ)?

The word Nuakhai consist of two words one is 'Nua' which means ''New" and 'Khai' means ''Food''. This festival has a great significance for the farmers and the agriculture community. 

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History of Nuakhai (ନୂଆଁଖାଇ)

Nuakhai is a celebration of Western Odisha in India. Nuakhai is an agriculture-based celebration and to acknowledge new rice of the season. Individuals of Odisha adore Deities for packs of new gather on Nuakhai.

As indicated by nearby specialists, Nuakhai is of genuinely antiquated inception. A few scientists found the principal thought of the festival can be followed back at any rate to Vedic circumstances when the rishis (sages) had discussed Panchayajna, the five vital exercises in the yearly date-book of an agrarian society.

 These five exercises have been indicated as sitayajna (the working of the land), Pravapana yajna (the sowing of seeds), Pralambana yajna (the underlying cutting of products), Khala yajna (the reaping of grains) and Prayayana yajna (the safeguarding of the create). 

In perspective of this, Nuakhai might be viewed as having advanced out of the third demonstration, in particular, Pralambana yajna, which includes cutting the principal trim and respectfully offering it to the mother goddess.

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In the early years, there was no settled day for the festival of the celebration. It was held at some point amid Bhadraba Sukla Pakhya (the brilliant fortnight of Bhadraba). 

It was the time when the recently developed Kharif trim (pre-winter edit) of rice began maturing. There are purposes behind watching the celebration in the long stretch of Bhadrava despite the fact that the nourishment grain isn't prepared for reaping.

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The contemplation is to exhibit the grain to the managing divinity before any fledgling or creature pecks at it and before it is prepared for eating. 

In early conventions, agriculturists would observe Nuakhai on multi-day assigned by the town headman and minister. 

Thereafter, under the support of illustrious families, this straightforward celebration was modified into a mass socio-religious occasion celebrated in the whole Kosal district (Western Odisha locale).

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Why Nuakhai(ନୂଆଁଖାଇ)

Nua-Khai is a festival and celebration of happiness, different types of local sweets and foods are cooked. 

All the family members assemble together. After offering the new rice to the deity, they all sit together and take the new rice, along with Manda-Pitha Khiri-Puri etc. 

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The blessings of the Ishta Devi and elders are then sought. In the evening it is habitual and obligatory to have meat, as it is believed that one who does not eat meat on the Nua-Khai day, shall be born as a heron in his future birth. 

Whatever be the myth associated, Nuakhai is a celebration of the mass. People may stay in far of lands, for there livelihood, but in the Nua-Khai they come home to celebrate this festival with other members of the family.

Rituals of Nuakhai

People in the Kosal region initiate preparations for the event 15 days in advance. 

Disclaimer: Some of the words are coming from Kosali/Sambalpuri Language so be careful to read all those words.

Nuakhai is understood to have nine colors and as a consequence, nine sets of rituals are followed as a prelude to the actual day of celebration. These nine colors include:

  • Beheren(ବେହେରେନ )- Declaration of meeting to set a date for the celebration
  • Lagan Dekha(ଲଗନ ଦେଖା)- Calculating exact date for a part of new rice.
  • Deka Haka(ଡକା ହକା)- Invitation
  • Sapha Sutura and Lipa Puchha(ସଫା ସୁତୁରା)- Cleaningness 
  • Ghinabika(ଘିନା ବିକା)-  Purchasing
  • Nua Dhan Khuja(ନୂଆ ଧାନ ଖୁଜା)- Looking for new crop
  • Bali Paka(ବଳି ପକା)- Offering Prasad to Deity
  • Nuakhai (ନୂଆଖାଇ )- Eating new rice, followed by dancing, singing.
  • Juhar Bhet(ଜୁହାର ଭେଟ)- Respect to elders or say ''Nuakhai Juhar"
The date of the celebration was not settled in old circumstances but rather these days date of the celebration is chosen ahead of time by the principal minister of the network as indicated by the Hindu timetable. 

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The principal reason for the celebration is to offer recently gathered yields to their Goddess before any creature, fledgling or human eat it. They commend the celebration on a beforehand set date whether crops are aged or not. 

In old circumstances, head clerics get together in Brahmaputra or Jagannath sanctuary and choose the date of the celebration and compute the favorable minute called Lagna for ceremonies. Illustrious family loves Goddess Sekharbasini first on the snapshot of Lagna and later minister of the Samaleshwari sanctuary offers Nua-anna to Goddess Samaleshwari of Sambalpur. 

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The date of Nuakhai is settled since 1991 on Bhadraba Sukla Panchami Thithi in Odisha and State Government of Odisha proclaimed it an official occasion.

 Presently individuals venerate Goddess Laxmi upon the arrival of Nuakhai. Individuals wear new and conventional clothing types. 

Senior of the family first offer Nua to the Deity and a short time later appropriate among the relatives. All relatives get endowments from older folks for satisfaction and success in their life. 

Individuals welcome their relatives and companions toward the evening and it is called Nuakhai Juhar. They sing and play out their conventional Sambalpuri moves like Rasakeli, Dalkhai, Maelajada, Sajani and that's just the beginning. 

Individuals who are relocated to different conditions of India likewise observe Nuakhai with the same conventional qualities and interest. 

Nuakhai celebration is an image of Sambalpuri culture and it helps individuals to remember the Odisha the significance of agribusiness in one's life.

Nuakhai Images for Whatsapp

Nowadays social media came into our life. Whatever we do in our life- we try to capture that moment by photos or Videos. These days people share their thoughts, Ideas, emotion and love on social media it may be Facebook or Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest or Whatsapp. Let see how people wish each other with the help of social media.

Top 10 Best Nuakhai HD Images for Whatsapp or Facebook

 Best Nuakhai HD Images for Whatsapp or Facebook

 Best Nuakhai HD Images for Whatsapp or Facebook

 Best Nuakhai HD Images for Whatsapp or Facebook

 Best Nuakhai HD Images for Whatsapp or Facebook

 Best Nuakhai HD Images for Whatsapp or Facebook

 Best Nuakhai HD Images for Whatsapp or Facebook

 Best Nuakhai HD Images for Whatsapp or Facebook

 Best Nuakhai HD Images for Whatsapp or Facebook

 Best Nuakhai HD Images for Whatsapp or Facebook

 Best Nuakhai HD Images for Whatsapp or Facebook

 Best Nuakhai HD Images for Whatsapp or Facebook


Nuakhai Festival Food 

Odisha famous for its food- Western Odisha not the exception. Western Odisha full of different delicious food including Chaul Bara, Pakodi etc. Here is the list of Food people of western Odisha usually eat during Nuakhai Parba.

  1. Chaul Bara (ଚାଉଳ ବରା)-                                Made of Rice
  2. Pakodi(ପକୁଡି)-                                               Made of Gram Flour
  3. Khiri Pitha/ Mada(ଖିରି ପିଠା)-                          Made of Rice and Sugar/Milk
  4. Arisa Pitha/ Kakara (ଆରିସା କାକରା )-              Made of Rice and Sweet 
  5. Pakhal Bhat(ପଖାଳ ଭାତ )-                              Made of Rice
  6. Tetel Chutney/Khata (ତେନ୍ତୁଳି ଚଟଣି)-               Made of Tentuli or Tomato
  7. Dal (ଡାଲୀ)-                                                    Made of Mix Dal
  8. Allu bhaja(ଆଳୁ ଭଜା)-                                     Mad of Potato
  9. Sag tun(ଶାଗ ଟୁନା )-                                       Made of Leaf or Vegetables
  10. Kunduru Bhaja (କୁନ୍ଦୁରୁ ଭଜା)-                          Made of Mix Veg
  11. Chhati Tun (ଛତି ଟୁନ)-                                    Made of 
  12. Putal Tarkari (ପୋଟଳ ତରକାରୀ )-                     Made of Potal
  13. Jelebi(ଜେଲେବି )-                                           Made of Sweet ingredients 
  14. Mircha Bara (ମିରଚା ବରା )-                             Made of Flour 
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Nuakhai Dress/ Clothes 

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Nuakhai Bhetghat 2018

Nuakhai Bhetghat 2018

Nowadays Nuakhai Bhetghat popularising days by day. The reason behind the celebration of Bhetghat is those who live outside of Odisha- they get together and celebrate Nuakhai Bhetghat. It is observed all over India also in other countries like USA, Canada, Dubai etc.

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